Apex 320 Dual-Impedance Dynamic Microphone w/XLR Cable

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The dual impedance Apex320 has a very solid feel with an extremely rugged, soldered grille and a durable hi/low impedance switch. This cardioid dynamic microphone is designed for vocals though its versatile design allows it to be used as an instrument microphone as well. The cartridge is of a proprietary one-piece design, which offers exceptional rigidity, stability and reliability. The Apex320 is your best value in a multi-purpose microphone and comes with XLR to XLR mic cable and mic stand clip.

• Proprietary single piece cartridge
• Dynamic design (no phantom power needed)
• Cardioid pickup pattern
• Switchable High or Low Impedances (Hi-Z = Works into basic and vintage PAs)
• XLR cable and Mic clip included